You have a membership site, or at least an idea for one.

You’ve made some basic decisions about the Technology that you want to use.

Now, it’s time to start working on your Marketing Game.

In House?

Are you building a membership site for your corporation for in-house use?

You might need to “sell” this new platform to the in house “customer”… If they don’t “buy in” to the need to learn your material or use your site, they won’t complete the course, or if they do, they won’t retain much information.

In fact, you might been to START with marketing if you need sell the need for the membership site to upper management in order to get resources allocated to your project.

Customer Product Support?

Do your customers need some education and support to understand how to use your product?

Are they not getting the full benefit of the product because they don’t know about all the bells and whistles?

Would your product sell better, or would you retain more of your existing customers if your Customer Education Game was stronger?

New Market?

Are you creating a new membership site as an entrepreneur?

Always remember, your audience NEEDS your KNOWLEDGE or PRODUCT! This knowledge is going to change their life! It’s your job to reach, uplift, and help as many of them as possible.

Are you selling to an existing “warm” list of people who already KLT* you?

Or, are you trying to build a new list and generate interest with people who don’t know you, your business, or your product?

How are you growing your list and expanding the number of people you reach?

Basic Marketing Assets

Here’s some of the marketing assets you are going to need:

  • Basic web site (possibly different from the Membership Site Platform)
  • All kinds of images – the course, possibly a logo, the instructor, etc.
  • testimonials or social proof
  • lead magnets
  • social media profiles
  • social media posts
  • social media advertising
  • Email CRM and List
  • well organized and thought out EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS

Your course, no matter how wonderful, will wither on the vine if you don’t learn something about marketing… and fast.

Let me help you.

With some expert guidance you can do this.