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I have some great content coming to help you have great success with your membership site!

We’re going to be looking at all aspects of Membership sites. We start by creating great content like blogs, courses, videos, podcasts, or books.

I’m assuming that you are ALREADY a very successful content creator. However, even the best creatives tend to do better with someone around to edit, critique, and give feedback. We’ll talk about that, and about everything related to the “mental game” of creativity.

We’ll look at the technical aspects of building a great online membership site – a non-trivial problem. Lots of products and platforms to look at and evaluation. I’m planning on bringing you some product reviews, along with some time-saving endorsements of my favorite platforms.

Marketing will be addressed in detail! As digital marketers we have so many channels to choose from that it’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions.

In addition to marketing channels, we have techniques of influence and creative writing.

Finally, there’s Membership Support. This is where the magic happens – when we turn your window shoppers into buyers, buyers into repeat customers, repeat customers into fans, and your fans into brand advocates!

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About Nancy Churchill

I'm An AWAI Trained Direct Sales Copywriter, with an additional Certification from Digital Marketer Lab in Email Marketing. I specialize in the development and marketing of membership sites and e-learning products.