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You were born to inspire others. You write, you speak, and you teach. You study the masters and gain insights. Then, you reach out to others to help them solve their problems and achieve their dreams.

You are an uplifter. You are an encourager. Above all, you desire to improve the lives of others.

Your business is growing, thriving. You’ve reached the point where you can’t do it all. There’s too much to do. Too much you have to do, and too much that you want to do.

You need more time to create. More time to write. More time to speak. More time to plan, to dream, and to grow the business.

More time to have fun. More time to rest. More time to travel. More time to be with your family and loved ones.

It’s All About Time

As Arnold Bennett said in How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, “time is the ultimate democracy. ” We each get 24 hours a day, no matter what. No more and no less. That means that the difference between a Leader and a Follower lies in how they spend their 24 hours.

Perry Marshall, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing, advises us to examine our schedules carefully. There are $10/hour tasks, $100/hour tasks, $1000/hour tasks, and $10,000/hour tasks.

How can you manage your time so that you have more to spend on the $10,000/hour tasks?

You want to find others who can contribute to your business, increase your profits, and free you up for your $10,000/hour tasks.

You know how you want to market your product, but you don’t have the time to create all the copy that your product needs. You need an experienced freelance copywriter.

You Want a Copywriter Who Is Passionate About Personal Improvement

I began my personal improvement journey with the study of Yoga, Journaling, and Meditation.   Next I discovered the martial art of Aikido.  The feeling of empowerment and freedom that I felt with this practice propelled me to undreamed of adventures.  

As I progressed in skill and ability, I discovered that I had a talent for helping and guiding my peers.   Soon, I was helping with children’s classes.    Not long after that, the opportunity to open a school for children dropped into my lap.   

My martial arts school for children, Aikido Kids! attracted many different types of families. However, they all had one thing in common. The parents were looking for a a place where their children could learn the life skills associated with the practice of the martial arts. They wanted their child to have more self-discipline, self-confidence, patience, respect, and focus. Having the child learn self defense was often a secondary need for many families.

Almost 20 percent of the parents described their child as struggling to maintain focus at school. One day, a father brought his son in for a trial class, and pulled me aside for a private conference.

“He’s hopeless,” the father said. “None of his teachers can get him to listen. So, I’ll understand if you need to send him out of class if he’s too disruptive.”

As “Billy” went through his first class, I could understand his father’s frustration. I could tell that he was very smart. Yet, he was so distracted that it seemed like his spirit was almost completely out of his body. Over and over again, I asked the students to practice their “Great Focus”.

At the end of class the students made a line to shake my hand and get feedback on their participation in class. Billy hung back, not quite sure what was going on. He began to look excited as each student received a compliment on something they had done well.

As I worked through the line of students, I was praying… “Oh Lord, what do I say to Billy?

Finally it was his turn. His big trusting brown eyes looked into mine. I shook his hand warmly. “Thank you for coming today Billy. You did very well. I saw you working really hard on your Great Focus.

I couldn’t believe those words had come out of my mouth. Where had that come from?

Billy beamed! “I was! I was trying really hard,” he exclaimed happily. He skipped with excitement over to his Dad.  Billy’s reaction surprised me.

In a flash, I understood that sometimes we can’t see the efforts others are making. But that doesn’t mean that the other person isn’t trying.

Suddenly I realized that I could encourage a new behavior by acting as if it were already in place. If I believed in my students, I could help them develop to their highest potential.

From then on, I taught all my families this secret: “Act as if, praise as if, and behave as if.” To create a new habit in one’s self or in others, we have to believe it, praise it, and encourage it as if it is already done.

Reach for Something More…

You need a copywriter who understands the human drive to strive for a better life – to reach for something more.

Your training, events, books, and emails offer even more value that your clients thought possible. You consistently surprise and delight them.

I am an Aikido Black Belt and Sensei. A former small business owner. I understands course development, teaching, and marketing. Like you, I’m a student of self improvement. I knows your audience, because I’m part of it.

You know how to to help your dream clients, and it’s your duty to reach out to them where ever they are. They need you!

If you’re ready to reach for something more than you thought was possible… if you’re ready to be surprised and delighted… just click on the button below to receive my information packet in your email inbox.

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Social Media Power

In today’s fast paced marketing environment, you have unique opportunity to attract and retain those dream clients… the ones who really, really are looking for you – by taking advantage of the power of Social Media.

Now, more than ever before, you can easily find your dream clients and build a personal relationship with them. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They’re reading your Blog and your e-newsletters.

Social Media is all about building personal connections. And that personal connection builds the magic of KLT – Know, Like, and Trust.

When you use Social Media Power, your dream client gets to know you and like you. They learn that you understand them, care for them, and are like them. They learn that you’re all about delivering value. When someone can connect with you on a personal level, then they are much more likely trust you to help them reach for their desire.

You Can Reach Your Customers Without Taking More Time from Your Family or Leisure

Developing and maintaining your Social Media Accounts can be an easy and painless process. It’s just a matter of making a plan.

A content calendar can help you map out your strategy and your approach for each platform. You can decide the frequency of your posts, have them written in advance, and set them up to post automatically.

I can help you create your content calendar, and implement it for you. I can monitor the results, and make recommendations for improvements. The most important element of a successful Social Media account is to simply have someone pay attention to it.

Now, more than ever before, building your relationship with your dream clients depends on having someone who will pay attention to your Social Media Accounts. Someone who can be there when you can’t be there.

Your Social Media Accounts Can Deliver Better Results…

“Let It Be Easy!”

Once I studied with an Aikido master who teased the class. He laughed at their efforts to copy his skillful demonstration. “This art is easy! Why do you make it so hard? Let it be easy!”

The beauty of Social Media is that it’s easy. Quick. Simple. Attractive. It’s easy to deliver a little quote or a beautiful image that will create value or improve someone’s day. It’s easy to create and post a short, informative video that will help your Dream Client solve their problem, or master a skill.

Consistency is key. Planning is key. Focus is key. Attention is key.

And when you have someone on your team to help you with the planning and focus, consistency and attention, then Social Media will be easy for you.

With consistent social media activity, you will reach more dream clients. When you have Facebook likes, you get exposure on someone’s timeline… and then their friends see you, too! The potential to reach more clients more quickly and inexpensively than ever before is like nothing we’ve ever known.

You’ll be able to easily build your brand, and build client loyalty to your brand. You’ll be able to engage your readers and social media influencers and connectors. You’ll be able to improve customer service and generate direct sales.

And you’ll see the results in your bottom line.

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You Want A Copywriter Who Is Reliable, Consistent, and Trustworthy… Like You

You want a copywriter who loves your product, and who believes in it like you do. Someone who understands the power of providing great value and changing lives. Someone who loves uplifting others.

You want a copywriter who loves – really loves – social media. You want someone who understands that the top priority is to create interesting content that will get shared – again, and again.

You want a copywriter with the skills to create great content and distribute your content. You want a copywriter who is consistent and dependable. Someone who understands the day-to-day commitment that successful social media demands.

You want someone who can respond appropriately for your brand, instill confidence, and grow trust. Someone who provides great customer service – not only to you, but to your tribe.

You want someone like me, who maintains a daily Instagram feed. You want someone like me, who’s social media account exists to serve and uplift others who are seeking support.

How Do You Know That I am the Right Copywriter for You?

I am an AWAI trained Direct Response Copywriter. I write for results. I write quality copy that converts into followers, brand loyalty, more sales, and greater profits.

I love personal improvement. I love inspiring and helping others. I love social media. And, I love the feeling of exhilaration that I have when helping you grow your business.

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No Risk Copywriting – 100% guarantee

I’m so confident that I can help you grow your business with Social Media Power that I want to offer you my No Harm, No Foul 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t like my proposed content calendar and my draft of the first three social media posts…

And if you don’t think that they can be revised to your liking…

I’ll gladly refund your deposit. We’ll walk away as friends with no hard feelings on either side.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You’ve found a copywriter who can deliver “Inspiring Copy” for your educational and inspirational product.

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