Enrollment Campaign for theEFTLab.com

Enrollment Campaign for theEFTLab.com from September 1st to September 20.

The last week of August 2017, theEFTLab.com engaged Churchill Copywriting to help increase enrollments for an online webinar based course for marriage counselors.   They had already achieved enrollments of 59 students via email announcements on a list serve, but after an initial flurry of registrations, the pace of enrollments had slowed greatly.

The goal of the campaign was to bring enrollments to nearly 100 students.   For the Social Media campaign we created a content calendar, which scheduled blog postings 3x/week.  These posts were also sent via MailChimp to an existing list of around 600 members.  We also cross-posted to a private Facebook community, and added a few extra announcements on the list-serve.

Finally, we were also more intentional with the content of posts that were created for the campaign, with a greater emphasis on promoting the benefits and features of the new course.  With these simple changes in frequency and intention, we were able to increase enrollments to 105 students by the close cart date on September 20.  This was an increase in enrollments of 77%.


We received the following feedback from one of the “last minute” registrants:

Hi Jennifer,

Thank You.  Good strategy to send out the “last minute” reminder to us procrastinators.   I  decided this morning  to plunge in and enroll. <…>   I look forward to learning with you once again.

Here’s what Jennifer Olden at the EFT Lab said at the end of the Campaign:

“Just so you know, all your work helping me market the EFT Lab is why we have a 105 participants.   Thank you so much for your focus, willingness to take a risk, vision, timely pep talks, and of course your tech, copywriting and marketing skills.  It’s really felt supportive and helpful.  Thank you!!!  Your presence has helped to begin to solve one of my big problems/complaints about the making and marketing of the EFTLab.
Thanks again for everything.
Warmly,  Jen

Home Page Announcement

Join us for an Online EFT Lab on Stage 2!

9 AM – 10 AM Fridays* beginning September 22, 2017

The EFT Lab is a safe place where you refine your existing Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy skills and learn new ones.

The EFT Lab is happy to announce our newest class The Road to Restructuring™ which begins September 22nd.  This eight week online webinar based course led by Jennifer Olden and Lillian Buchanan will provide insights and new ideas for helping couples in Stage 2.

The course also includes additional practice materials that you can use for additional study on the concepts presented in each weeks webinar. You’ll have access to the recorded webinars and practice materials for a whole year, so there’s no reason to let your schedule dictate your learning opportunities.

We help you un-stick those stuck places in your practice by examining one small and manageable EFT concept (like Processing Fears of Reaching) and then viewing video clips of EFT trainers demonstrating the concept. Best part: You can do it all at home, while wearing your bunny slippers and eating ice-cream! Info and Register

*No class October 13 – week of the EFT Summit

PS: If you’re looking for a course on Stage 1, we will be opening registration for our January session of The Road to De-escalation™ later this fall. Visit theEFTLab.com and join our mailing list to be notified when registration is opened!


Instagram – Instaalanonmeeting 08/09/17

Instagram@Instaalanonmeeting is a personal account, and is not affiliated with the Al-Anon Family Groups WSO. The posts are intended for others in the Al-Anon program who are looking for quick, daily inspiration. We share our experience, strength, and hope.

Noticing Momentum

August 9, Part 1

#onedayatatime #AlAnon

One of the primary benefits of meditation is that it gives me practice in noticing my thoughts and emotions. Noticing and releasing, noticing and releasing.

Thoughts and emotions are like waves in the ocean. They arise, they crest, and they subside. They are not permanent. They come and go. Sometimes they’re calm and gentle, and sometimes they’re more like being caught in the crashing waves of a storm.

What’s interesting to remember is that underneath the turbulent surface of my thought ocean, there is a deeper, calm place. If you’ve ever done any diving, you’ll remember that even 25 feet below the surface, it is much calmer than at the surface. That quiet, peaceful, calm place is always available to us.

Last night, a family member was in a bad mood. I was trying to relax… I was tired, ready for bed. As I listened to this grumpy person, banging around, I was able to notice that I was physically tensing my body in response to their upset. I wasn’t even in the same room.

I noticed worry, a desire to “fix it”, fear that I had somehow caused this upset, and this inner bracing… anticipating “a storm coming”.

I also noticed resentment, judgment, frustration… all of these feelings and thoughts were being physically held in my body in an automatic, programmed response to someone else’s bad mood.

I was delighted to catch the physicality of my response. “Ah h

a! Look at that! So interesting!”

I shifted my focus to soothing myself. “It’s ok, didn’t cause it, can’t fix it, not mine to fix, and I love them.” I felt my whole body relax… Aaaaah… and my heart opened towards them, and a feeling of emotional reach unfolded – like comforting them and me at the same time. A little later, w

hen they came into the room, I was able to love on them.


It was an awesome experience of transformation. The entire experience, the noticing and the soothing took about 30 seconds. I was able to change my momentum in the moment, before it built up a head of steam.

And that, my dear ones, demonstrates the power of regularly practicing meditation. 


#onedayatatime #AlAnon #alanonfamilygroups

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#keepcomingback #itworksifyouworkit


Email Promotion – International Ballet Academy*

February 17, 2017

From: Nancy@ChurchillCopywriting.com

To: Katie Yagle

Dear Katie,

I was thinking about your suggestion that we go to see a movie when you’re in town, but I have something much more interesting in mind for our outing, that you’re not going to be able to see anywhere else!

When you come to Seattle on the second weekend in March, I want to take you to see the World Premier of the Jungle Book Ballet performed by the talented and exciting dancers with the International Ballet Theatre. The company director, Vera Altunina, and her fellow choreographer, Jerry Tassin, have been working feverishly ever since the New Year to create an entirely new ballet from scratch – bringing it from the drawing board to the stage in just 12 short weeks.

This isn’t the Jungle Book that Americans are familiar with, with music and characters stolen from a popular cartoon movie. No! This is a fresh, exciting, retelling of the Jungle Book, based on the Russian translation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic story.

The music – carefully chosen – pulsing and rhythmic, has been weaving its way through open studio doors, and down hallways to tease the senses and enliven hearts with anticipation of the fantastic dances and amazing choreography that will soon be ready for the stage. Classical Russian ballet technique combined with spirited Jazz and Modern dance will delight and amaze anyone who loves the art of Dance.

The costume designers are so busy! A completely new production means that new costumes both lovely and lively are appearing at rehearsals every day. Sadly, some of the costume ideas just don’t work, and that leads to a hallway brainstorming session to design, on the spot, a new costume that will be easy to dance in, and exciting to the eyes. And the set designers are working secretly “behind the scenes” to create sets that are fantastic, yet simple to move quickly on and off the stage.

Most of the dancers are both nervous and happily delirious with anticipation. Classical ballet is rooted in tradition, and it’s not everyday that a new ballet is born! It’s a chance of a lifetime to be among the first to bring a new production to life! There’s so much to learn and strive to master before opening night!

(over, please)

The International Ballet Theatre Company dancers are rehearsing every day, seven days a week, to bring the most beautiful, artistic, and professional work to the stage… And by Opening Night on March 11th, less than a month away, they will be flawless and heart-stopping!

The primary dancers in the Jungle Book are professional dancers, but happily, there are plenty of supporting roles for The International Ballet Academy’s younger students as monkeys, butterflies, wolves, peacocks, and more! Having children on stage in a ballet brings a playful and dreamlike quality to every scene. Nothing brings the joy of dance to life like a child bright-eyed and joyful to be on stage in an amazing costume.

Won’t you please let me know if I can save a seat for you and your guest? Only two performances are scheduled – Saturday, March 11th at 2pm and Sunday March 12th at 2pm. Of course, you’ll be my guest! I’m eager to share this fresh and exciting new ballet – the Jungle Book – with you!

I’m also planning to take you backstage to get a glimpse of how a ballet is brought to life – from the vision of the Director and the choreographers, the creativity of the costume designers and set developers, to the hidden work of our backstage staff and volunteers, to the presentation of the entire Ballet by exciting and powerful dancers. You’ll have a chance to meet Ms. Vera, Mr. Jerry, and my many friends in the Company.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this with you! Just let me know if you can make it by writing me at my email above. Of course, I’d love to hear from you by phone or text, so feel free to call me if you have time.

All the best,

Nancy Churchill

P.S. Please let me know soon if you can make it, so that I can get some great seats up front for us. Since there are only about 400 seats in the Meydenbauer Theatre, there’s really not a bad seat in the house, but it’s super fun to be up near the front!

P.P.S. Some really cute pre-production photos are popping up on Ms. Vera’s Facebook feed – check out the Tiger costume!


* Note: I was not hired to write this letter, but it is a good sample of the type of writing you can expect from me.