Enrollment Campaign for theEFTLab.com

Enrollment Campaign for theEFTLab.com from September 1st to September 20.

The last week of August 2017, theEFTLab.com engaged Churchill Copywriting to help increase enrollments for an online webinar based course for marriage counselors.   They had already achieved enrollments of 59 students via email announcements on a list serve, but after an initial flurry of registrations, the pace of enrollments had slowed greatly.

The goal of the campaign was to bring enrollments to nearly 100 students.   For the Social Media campaign we created a content calendar, which scheduled blog postings 3x/week.  These posts were also sent via MailChimp to an existing list of around 600 members.  We also cross-posted to a private Facebook community, and added a few extra announcements on the list-serve.

Finally, we were also more intentional with the content of posts that were created for the campaign, with a greater emphasis on promoting the benefits and features of the new course.  With these simple changes in frequency and intention, we were able to increase enrollments to 105 students by the close cart date on September 20.  This was an increase in enrollments of 77%.


We received the following feedback from one of the “last minute” registrants:

Hi Jennifer,

Thank You.  Good strategy to send out the “last minute” reminder to us procrastinators.   I  decided this morning  to plunge in and enroll. <…>   I look forward to learning with you once again.

Here’s what Jennifer Olden at the EFT Lab said at the end of the Campaign:

“Just so you know, all your work helping me market the EFT Lab is why we have a 105 participants.   Thank you so much for your focus, willingness to take a risk, vision, timely pep talks, and of course your tech, copywriting and marketing skills.  It’s really felt supportive and helpful.  Thank you!!!  Your presence has helped to begin to solve one of my big problems/complaints about the making and marketing of the EFTLab.
Thanks again for everything.
Warmly,  Jen