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Join us for an Online EFT Lab on Stage 2!

9 AM – 10 AM Fridays* beginning September 22, 2017

The EFT Lab is a safe place where you refine your existing Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy skills and learn new ones.

The EFT Lab is happy to announce our newest class The Road to Restructuring™ which begins September 22nd.  This eight week online webinar based course led by Jennifer Olden and Lillian Buchanan will provide insights and new ideas for helping couples in Stage 2.

The course also includes additional practice materials that you can use for additional study on the concepts presented in each weeks webinar. You’ll have access to the recorded webinars and practice materials for a whole year, so there’s no reason to let your schedule dictate your learning opportunities.

We help you un-stick those stuck places in your practice by examining one small and manageable EFT concept (like Processing Fears of Reaching) and then viewing video clips of EFT trainers demonstrating the concept. Best part: You can do it all at home, while wearing your bunny slippers and eating ice-cream! Info and Register

*No class October 13 – week of the EFT Summit

PS: If you’re looking for a course on Stage 1, we will be opening registration for our January session of The Road to De-escalation™ later this fall. Visit theEFTLab.com and join our mailing list to be notified when registration is opened!