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Noticing Momentum

August 9, Part 1

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One of the primary benefits of meditation is that it gives me practice in noticing my thoughts and emotions. Noticing and releasing, noticing and releasing.

Thoughts and emotions are like waves in the ocean. They arise, they crest, and they subside. They are not permanent. They come and go. Sometimes they’re calm and gentle, and sometimes they’re more like being caught in the crashing waves of a storm.

What’s interesting to remember is that underneath the turbulent surface of my thought ocean, there is a deeper, calm place. If you’ve ever done any diving, you’ll remember that even 25 feet below the surface, it is much calmer than at the surface. That quiet, peaceful, calm place is always available to us.

Last night, a family member was in a bad mood. I was trying to relax… I was tired, ready for bed. As I listened to this grumpy person, banging around, I was able to notice that I was physically tensing my body in response to their upset. I wasn’t even in the same room.

I noticed worry, a desire to “fix it”, fear that I had somehow caused this upset, and this inner bracing… anticipating “a storm coming”.

I also noticed resentment, judgment, frustration… all of these feelings and thoughts were being physically held in my body in an automatic, programmed response to someone else’s bad mood.

I was delighted to catch the physicality of my response. “Ah h

a! Look at that! So interesting!”

I shifted my focus to soothing myself. “It’s ok, didn’t cause it, can’t fix it, not mine to fix, and I love them.” I felt my whole body relax… Aaaaah… and my heart opened towards them, and a feeling of emotional reach unfolded – like comforting them and me at the same time. A little later, w

hen they came into the room, I was able to love on them.


It was an awesome experience of transformation. The entire experience, the noticing and the soothing took about 30 seconds. I was able to change my momentum in the moment, before it built up a head of steam.

And that, my dear ones, demonstrates the power of regularly practicing meditation. 


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