“You do not give up”

What has struck me about you is that you do not give up. If you do not know how to do something you will research the task and learn as much as possible until you figure out what needs to be done.

And then do “it” (whatever “it” is). I have never heard you say that you don’t know how to do something but you find a way to learn and succeed.

Marianne Baker, Aikido Black Belt

“In Service of My Best Interests”

Nancy, I’m grateful to have you supporting theEFTLab.com. I asked for your help because you had always been so kind and helpful in Aikido class and you were able to teach me things others couldn’t.

Some of your unique strengths are that you are bright and you learn new stuff quickly. I value you on my team because, most importantly, you put your abilities in the service of my best interests, even when I’m not doing that myself. Like encouraging me to get going on the new Stage 2 class way back when.

You hold in mind the needs and progress of the project and keep focusing on that and asking me to focus on it. Those are all qualities that would be hard to find in another person.

Dr. Lillian Buchanan at theEFTLab.com

Focus, Willingness, and Vision”

The ideas sound appropriate. Also, just so you know, all your work helping me market the EFT Lab is why we have a 105 participants. Thank you so much for your focus, willingness to take a risk, vision, timely pep talks, and of course your tech, copywriting and marketing skills. It’s really felt supportive and helpful. Thank you!!! Your presence has helped to begin to solve one of my big problems/complaints about the making and marketing of the theEFTLab.com.


Jennifer Olden, LMFT, EFT Supervisor, Partner at theeftlab.com

“Extremely Helpful”

These posts are extremely helpful to me. I just recently discovered this account (@instaalanonmeeting) as I started going less and less to the Al Anon meetings in my city and life just kept getting busier and busier. I know this is just a busy time and this too shall pass, so while I organize myself to get back into routine, these posts really make me feel as if I’ve attended a meeting throughout the day.

Thank u! @instaalanonmeeting ! 

P.P. (@Instaalanonmeeting Reader)

Above and Beyond”

I could see from your first day at work that you made a conscious effort to be very friendly and you greeted everyone with “Hi, how are you?” You had made the decision to be a positive energy when greeting people as they walk in.

You also went above and beyond, bringing the box of teaching props and the hoops into the studio on a Saturday mornings, which is something I have been doing for years! … You have taken the edge off my flustered Saturday morning starts with this attention to detail and doing a little job that I usually do. It is very much appreciated.

Alison Epsom, Ballerina and Children’s Program Director, International Ballet Academy

Loyal and Supportive”

You are very loyal and supportive of your family, working tirelessly to help your daughter get healthier and to pursue her dreams.  

You are generally calm and work hard to deal with difficulties in a reasonable way.

You focus on being positive and trying to find positive solutions to difficulties.

You practice self-examination, trying hard to see how your tendencies and blind spots can get in your way.

Stuart Moulder, Director, Production Management, Wargaming.net


I think one of your unique strengths is your resourcefulness in how you manifest income for yourself. Not just how you can make money. It’s how you find interesting projects that have meaning to you and fill a valuable role for the employer. Also you show an ability to be open to new possibilities and be able to let go of the past quite easily. Some may not see that as a positive trait but I find it a very interesting quality of being able to move more freely through your life.

Lee Crawford, Sensei, 6th Dan Aikido Black Belt

“Organized and Prepared”

First of all, I would say one of your unique traits is organization/preparation. I saw this in your development and follow thru with the anatomy class you organized.  

Next, you are a good problem solver.  Rather than just quit, you look at several different ways to attack an issue. I also think you communicate very well. You articulate your ideas in a very clear and intelligent manner.

Jan Langton, Academic Director, International Ballet Academy Homeschool Co-op

“He Noticed the Change”

I have been practicing this for a few months and initially my controlling self had to literally tell myself not to respond. After a while I asked my husband if he noticed and he said “Yes,” and he admitted that sometimes he would say/do something for the reaction. Now that I don’t respond, he’s stopped also.

N.J. (@Instaalanonmeeting Reader)

“So Blessed by Your Sharing”

Hi! I’m a follower of your Instaalanonmeeting account and have been so blessed by your sharing this year! … and I look forward to your wisdom. Gratefully…

R.R. (@Instaalanonmeeting Reader)

“An Incredible Resource!”

Your page has been an incredible resource for me!! I thank you for the time you take in posting as well as your thoughtful replies!

J.E. (@Instaalanonmeeting Reader)