Three tips to increase our Emotional Success

In this interesting interview, Dr. Wally Hauck, PhD, CSP, gives us three easy tips that we can use to improve our relationships.  These can be used any time we’re involved in a challenging emotional situation.

1)  Wait!  If you become upset, wait.   Allow yourself to calm down before you discuss the situation.  This is the opposite of “don’t go to bed angry.”    I have to tell myself “just walk away”.   I know that if I don’t calm down that the situation will become worse.  

2) Ask the right questions.  Ask “What have I done to contribute to this?”  or “What can I do differently?”  These questions help us take responsibility for our part of the conversation.  

3) Use Empathy:  Try to mirror back what you are hearing them say.   “I understand that you feel…”, “I hear you are… “, or “I see you are…”.   These phrases can all help to calm the other person because they feel listened to, heard, and understood.

With a little practice, we can all increase our emotional success!   

Thanks to Dr. Wally Hauck for sharing this article on LinkedIn!

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